PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

PRP Therapy for Joint Pain Reduction

Your joints are used constantly throughout the day, so even the most basic activity can become unexpectedly difficult when you suffer from serious joint pain. You always have the option of undergoing an invasive procedure or surgery to help ease your discomfort, but you should look at the other alternatives available before taking this jump.

PRP therapy is a viable option for anyone suffering from joint pain as it can reduce the inflammation in your body, resulting in a reduction in your discomfort. PRP therapy is a non-invasive option for anyone who wants to alleviate their persistent joint pain caused by injury or disease.

How Does PRP Therapy for Joint Pain Work?

When you come in for your PRP Therapy session at Alaska Lifestyle Health, our health professionals begin the procedure by withdrawing blood from any part of your body, such as your arm. We need to withdraw your blood because it contains Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP.

PRP contains important elements that help repair your tissues so when we reinject it into the injured area, it can help speed up your recovery. After we withdraw your blood we separate it into different components through a centrifuge and then isolate the platelet-rich component of your blood so it can be reinjected into your body to help with the healing process.

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Is PRP Therapy for Joint Pain Right for Me?

You may benefit from PRP Therapy if  you’re suffering from:

  • Carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Age-related joint pain

PRP is a viable option for you if you’re suffering from any of the above, or if you’ve tried popular treatments to alleviate your pain such as taking medication or getting chiropractic care with no luck.

How Effective is PRP for Joint Therapy?

When carried out the right way, PRP Therapy can help speed up recovery in your tendons, joints, and ligaments. A Platelet-Rich Plasma injection can significantly help reduce pain in the area it’s administered and the results of the injection can last up to a year.

Once the effects of the therapy begin to fade, you should book another appointment with Alaska Lifestyle health to get a health assessment and get subsequent injections for proper relief if our health professionals see fit. Patients may find relief after their first injection, while others may need multiple injections before getting appropriate relief. The way your body reacts depends on how severely your joints are injured and other factors relating to your overall health.

Get in touch with a medical expert at Alaska Lifestyle Health today to determine if PRP for Joint Therapy is best for you, or if other therapy options are better suited to your individual needs.

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