Hair Loss

Growing Hair with PRP for Hair Loss

If you’re starting to lose hair and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to grow back anytime soon, you don’t have to start panicking. You can choose from several therapies that can help you grow your hair back, without even having to resort to surgical or highly invasive methods. One particularly promising option is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for hair loss.

What is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP therapy is a procedure in which your blood is drawn and then reinjected in your body to offer you a variety of health benefits. This medical procedure has been used for decades to decrease inflammation and promote healing in your body.

When PRP is used for hair growth, your blood is drawn from another part of your body and reinjected into your scalp. This increases your blood flow towards your hair follicles and may help activate your natural hair growth mechanism.

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What are the Steps of PRP for Hair Loss?

Three steps must be carried out to ensure the PRP therapy is conducted properly. Firstly, your blood is drawn by a healthcare professional. Next, your blood is placed in a centrifuge so the different components of the blood are separated. Lastly, the platelet-rich blood is then reinjected back into your scalp.

At Alaska Lifestyle Health, our health experts make sure to administer PRP therapy for hair loss as efficiently as possible to help increase your hair count and also reduce your hair loss.

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What Should I Expect After the PRP Hair Loss Procedure?

After getting four PRP for hair loss treatments, you may begin to see an increase in your hair growth. You may even see up to a 30% increase in your hair density. Every person is different and your body may react differently to the therapy and you may see results sooner or later based on your body’s biological reaction.

PRP for hair loss is best done over two months and will often require at least three sessions for you to start seeing your desired results. The research backing up PRP for hair loss needs to be further carried on to explain the expected results and the mechanism of action. However, there are several studies already conducted that show the promising nature of this therapy.

Get in touch with a healthcare professional at Alaska Lifestyle Health today to get started on your PRP for hair loss procedure and to get advice on what other hair loss therapies are available for you to try so you can enjoy a head full of hair again.
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