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How Exosome Therapy for Hair Loss Can Help Your Hair Grow Back

High stress levels, alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), and general aging are some of the most likely reasons you’re starting to lose your hair. Sometimes, you may start losing hair due to a new medication you’ve just started taking, or maybe even due to an underlying disease. No matter what the reason is for your hair loss, you can help reverse the damage and help your hair stop shedding and start growing back again through exosome therapy.

How Does Exosome Therapy Work?

Whenever your body gets into a stressful situation, it produces exosomes to help fight off the stress you’re experiencing. For instance, if a certain part of your body gets injured, your body will produce exosomes to target that area so regeneration and healing can begin.

During exosome therapy for hair loss, exosomes are introduced into your body to promote healing and regeneration in your scalp so it’s easier for your hair to grow back and so you stop unnecessarily losing hair.

A health expert at Alaska Lifestyle Health can assess you and let you know if this is the ideal hair regrowth therapy for you or if there are better options available. If we determine that exosome therapy is the correct option, one of our experts will carry out the process expertly to minimize any chances of error and to get you the best results possible.

We begin by administering anesthesia to you so you are not bothered by the procedure. We then inject the exosomes into your scalp, particularly in the areas you’re experiencing hair loss. The entire procedure generally does not take very long, and you should be ready to go home in a couple of hours.

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When will I See Results?

After exosome therapy for hair loss, you should expect to see results as early as 6 weeks into your treatment. However, the results will vary from person to person and your hair will start regrowing based on your biological reaction to the therapy.

How Effective is Exosome Therapy for Hair Loss?

Exosome therapy for hair loss is an exciting advancement in treating the common problem of involuntarily losing hair. Research reveals that exosomes have regenerative properties and these properties can work with your body’s natural system and help hair grow back when administered into your scalp.

Exosomes are safe to use and anyone who is considering hair therapy options to help them grow their hair back should place exosome therapy for hair loss on the list. Speak to our team of health professionals at Alaska Lifestyle Health today to learn more about exosome treatment for hair loss and to learn about other viable therapies available to get you your desired result without having to resort to surgical measures.
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