Bioidentical Hormones (BHRT)

How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Can Balance Your Hormones

Aging, suffering from health complications, and consuming an unhealthy diet can lead to hormonal imbalance in your body. Hormonal imbalance is particularly dangerous because your hormones help control some of your most important bodily functions, such as the efficiency of your immune response and your body’s ability to grow normally.

If you’re suffering from any sort of hormonal imbalance you should consider Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT). BHRT is a great way for you to regain hormonal balance and the best part is that it offers a more natural approach to aiding your hormonal issues than most other hormone therapies.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

The natural aging process can wreak havoc on your hormones and as every year passes, certain hormone levels in your body begin to drop on their own. This change often leads to health complications and that is why BHRT is offered, to help restore your hormone levels and alleviate these new health conditions derived from hormonal imbalance.

When you undergo BHRT, any symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance may be significantly reduced.

Symptoms that often show improvement after BHRT include:

  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Weight problems
  • Hot Flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Body temperature fluctuations

If you’re suffering from any of the above symptoms, you should visit Alaska Lifestyle Health for a thorough assessment and professional health advice so you can get to the root of your problems and treat them accordingly.

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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Right for Me?

BHRT may be the right choice for you if you’re a woman undergoing menopause, or if you’re suffering from any sort of health complications linked to hormonal imbalance, Cancer patients that are suffering from fluctuating estrogen levels due to their cancer treatments may also benefit from BHRT.

A health practitioner at Alaska Lifestyle Health can help you determine if BHRT is right for you or if other therapies can better assist you in balancing your hormones again.

How Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Work?

Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to the hormones that are currently in your body. Even though bioidentical hormones are man-made, they work exactly like the hormones in your body so it may be safer to use them.

BHRT is a great option for men and women alike who are looking for a more natural approach to fixing their hormonal imbalance related health complications. Many different hormones are used in BHRT, with the most common being progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, and Growth hormone.

You should speak to a health expert at Alaska Lifestyle Health today to book a thorough assessment to find out what hormones your body needs to reach proper balance again. Not only are there a wide range of hormones to choose from, but there are also a variety of ways that these hormones are administered.

Hormones can come in the following forms:

  • Injections
  • Pills
  • Gels
  • creams

One of our healthcare experts will assess you and inform you on what form of therapy is best for you based on your current health condition and your medical history.

Speak to a health expert at Alaska Lifestyle Health today to learn more about BHRT and how you can reach optimal hormonal balance.

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